Admission Fees

S.N. Details Amount to be Deposited at The Time of Admission
1 Admission Fees 1000.00
2 Tuition Fees (Rs. 500 per month) Deducted From Scholarship
3 Caution Money 1000.00
4 Hostel Fee (Rs. 1000/- per month) Deducted From Scholarship
5 Dress for Movement and Exercise Classes 2500.00
6 Make-up Kit 2500.00
7 Stationery 4000.00
8 Medical Expenses (Rs. 3000/- per year for two year) 6000.00
Total 17,000.00


  1. At the time of admission student will have to deposit an amount of Rs. 17000/- (Rupees seventeen thousand only) through the bank draft in favour of Director Bhartendu Natya Academy payable at Lucknow. This amount includes admission fee, caution money, costume for movement & exercise, make-up kit, stationary and medical fee.
  2. Tuition fee Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only) and Hostel fee Rs. 1000/-(Rupees one thousand only) per month will be deducted from the scholarship.
  3. An FDR of Rs. 30000/- (Rupees Thirty thousand only) as security money will have to be deposited in favour of Director, Bhartendu Natya Academy.
  4. Hostel fee, costume for exercise, make-up kit and stationary charges are subject to changing market price.

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