N.S.D Alumnus (1987), S.N.A Awardee, Jharkhand State Awardee and Sikkim State Awardee


Post Graduate in Dramatic Arts from National School of Drama, New Delhi in the year 1987 with specialization in Acting. Graduation in Arts from Ranch University, Jharkhand in the year 1983.



He has directed approximately 55 plays in various Indian languages with various theatre groups & corporate sectors in India. His major directorial works include: 'Yayati', Pagla Ghoda, Ashad Ka Ek Din', 'Biyaban Mein Ugtey Kinshuk', 'Hamlet' in Chhotanagpuri & in Nepali, 'Ek Tha Gadha', 'Sabhya Sanp' in Bengali, 'Trishanku', 'The Fan', 'Jati Hi Puchho Sadhu ki', 'The Lower Depths', 'Sidhartha Gautam Dekhi Buddha Samma Ek Yatra' in Nepali, 'Us Raat Ke Baad', 'Shakuntala', 'Chakra Ek Mahayatra' in Nepali, 'Garbo', 'Hum Hi Apna Aap' in Nepali, 'Rajkumar Namgyal' in Nepali, "A Love Story 1950° in Nepali, 'Taj Mahal Ka Tender', 'Romeo & Juliet' in multi language, Safed Lakeer, Kalo Bhari in Nepali etc.


He has a teaching experience that spans almost 35 years and he has conducted several theatre workshops in different states of India including Sikkim, Jharkhand, Uttarkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal & Madhya Pradesh, organised by National School of Drama, Sangeet Natak Academy & Kshitij Theatre Group in Collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He formed Kshitij Theatre Group, Delhi and has been associated with it since 1987, he is a founder member of Yuva Rang Manch, Ranchi & Chandrapura, Jharkhand since 1981. He is associated with many cultural organisation of Jharkhand.

Work with Eminent Theatre Personalities in India:

He has worked with many eminent theatre personalities including Panni Castagli, Stuward cox, Richard Shatner, John Martin from London, Helmish from Germany, Lidia from Greece, Barry John, Mohan Maharishi, Ratan Thiyam, Bhanu Bharti, B. M. Shah, Satyadev Dubey, R.G.Bajaj, Niranjan Goswami (Mime), Kirti Jain, Anuradha Kapoor, Robin Das, Sudhir Kulkarni etc.

Experience in Videography, Documentaries & Films:

He has produced films, Serials, documentaries and educational films for Ministry of Culture & Doordarshan under the banner of Kshitij Theatre Group and Bharti Productions. He was a Co-Producer of a 3 hour long film 'Kaala Heera' for Zee T. V. which was telecasted in Jan, 2001 under special time slot. The film was based on Chasnala Coal Mine Disaster. He also co-produced a comedy serial of 13 episodes titled 'Gadbad Ghotala' for DD-1, was telecasted in 1995.


S an g e e t N a t ak A kademi , ( D i r e c t ion) 201 6 Jha rkhand s t a t e a w a rd 201 6 A ppr e c i a t ion a w a rd by G ov t . of S ikkim, 1 5 th A u g us t 202 1 C idaka s a N a t y aka l a cudamanih S ammana 202 3

Valuable Positions Held:

  • 1. D i r e c tor of B ha r a t endu N a t y a A c ademy , Luckno w
  • 2. Ex C ent r e D i r e c tor N . S . D S ikkim
  • 3. M embe r of e xpe r t commi t t e e unde r S a l a r y G r ant and P roduc t ion G r ant S cheme s of the M ini s t r y of C ul tur e , G ov t . of Indi a f rom 201 6 - 2018.
  • 4. V i s i t in g f a cul t y of D r ama D epa r tment , R anchi U ni v e r s i t y and R a j a M ans in g h Tome r M us i c & A r t s U ni v e r s i t y , G w a l ior .
  • 5. B oa rd M embe r of S chool of P e r formin g and V i sua l A r t s (I G N O U , N e w D e lhi) f rom 201 2 -14
  • 6. M embe r of N a t iona l A ppr a i s a l C ommi t t e e unde r the S cheme of Financ i a l A s s i s t anc e for T a g or e C ul tur a l C ompl e x e s 202 2
  • 7. S N A G r ant s A dv i sor y C ommi t t e e membe r for the a t r e for fi v e y e a r s , A dv i sor y commi t t e e for P upe t r y for S a t r i y a K endr a , G ene r a l C ounc i l membe r a s w e l l a s the Ex e cut i v e B oa rd of the S an g e e t N a t ak A kademi .

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