Hostel & Mess


  1. Rs. 1000.00 (Rupees One thousand only) per month in charged as hostel fee. It is mandatory for every student to pay the hostel fee on the first day of every month and collect the receipt. A student is allowed to stay in the hostel only after presenting fee receipt to the Hostel Superintendent.
  2. It is the responsibility of every student to keep the room/ bathrooms/toilets etc. Neat and clean.
  3. Stem action will be taken against those damaging property of the hostel.
  4. Consumption of any sort of intoxicant, smoking or drinking is strictly prohibited with in Academy premises. Someone violating the rule can be expelled from the hostel.
  5. Girls are expected to come back to the Academy Bhawan or to their respective hostel rooms after finishing their breakfast/lunch/dinner. In no circumstances will they be permitted to visit the boy's hostel or other place of the Academy campus.
  6. Stay of an outsider, even the guardian of any student in the hostel will not be allowed. Visiting hours is 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
  7. It is mandatory for the students to return to their respective hostel rooms by 9:00 pm.
  8. Use of Heater, immersion rod, iron or any other electrical appliances is not allowed within the hostel rooms.
  9. Making noise, talking loudly or listening music or causing disturbance to others is strictly prohibited.
  10. Student must take care of personal or academy property used by him/her in the Academy Bhawan or hostel.
  11. The student must switch off all the electrical appliances, lights, fans etc. before departing form hostel room.
  12. At no time student should not indulge in any sort of indecent behaviour.
  13. Prior information should be given to hostel warden regarding the return to the hostel at night because of delayed participation in the rehearsal, cultural programmes or other activities organized by the Academy.
  14. Besides permanent address, student should also provide phone number, address and other details of his/her local guardian etc. ot the hostel warden.
  15. On Sunday or any other holiday if a student desires to stay with his local guardian, he/she must inform the hostel warden in advance and obtain a written permission.
  16. Guests/visitors who want to contact the student will have to enter their names, addresses and the purpose of the visit in the register kept with the guard or any other employee appointed by the Academy.
  17. If a student desires to go out town, he/she must inform the hostel warden in writing maintaining the date of departure and duration of leave etc.
  18. At any time, without any notice Hostel warden/assistant director/director can, inspect the hostel room.
  19. Before leaving the hostel a student must leave key of the room on the key board.
  20. Students have to bring their own white pillow covers and bed sheets.
  21. Student residing at the hostel has to abide by the aforesaid rules. Academy administration will take stern action against those defying these rules. Decision of the Director regarding any disciplinary action will be final and binding.


  1. On co-operative basis, the students have to manage the mess.
  2. Academy will offer the basic amenities like kitchen and utensils etc.

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